The CRM or Customer Relationship Management programming and administrations are basic towards clutching your devoted client base and expanding it. The ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning advanced programming enhance your procedure streams, guarantee more prominent profitability, invalidate wastage and misfortunes, and furthermore accommodate sparing of operational expenses, among different advantages. Our reality class and advanced computerized CRM and ERP arrangements help you defeat every one of the obstacles and issues that you face in the domain of client the board and tasks. Our coordinated methodology towards building up the computerized arrangements work explicitly on your business type and information. Our optimal arrangements are today serving organizations in different verticals and fragments including:


Our strong and versatile frameworks help you smoothen your procedure streams and furthermore accommodate better client maintenance and transformation rates. Helped by the beneficial highlights and modules, we at Rectrik Solution give to your CRM/ERP arrangements that have everything that you have to understand your business objectives and desires. Our ERP programming and arrangements include:

1. Finance/Accounting

2. Sales revenue and billing

3. Purchase planning and management

4. Inventory planning and management

5. Production/Manufacturing/Engineering

6. Procurement module

7. Payrolls/Staffing/ Human Resource

8. Reports and Trends Analysis

Our CRM and ERP solution provide to you both short term and long term results and benefits. Some of these include:

1. Customization

2. Extensibility

3. Independence

4. Constant monitoring

5. Control and supervision

Call us presently to go into another universe of business productivity, operational smoothness, and consumer loyalty, which are currently comfortable fingertips. Our free demo and interview help you get a look into the cutting edge. plan of action that our computerized arrangements convey to you.